“You have to convince your reader that they really need to open your email.” —Gail Goodman

You know you should be in regular contact with all of your customers and prospects. Outside of your one-on-one communication, the best way to accomplish this is through email marketing. There is no more cost-effective method than email marketing to introduce new products, educate your customers and share company news. Key Marketing can help you:

  • Select the right email marketing platform
  • Set up and populate your email marketing account with your customer and prospect lists
  • Help you understand and comply with anti-spam rules
  • Recommend tools and integrate your email marketing with your website and your customer relationship management system
  • Design custom templates for your email marketing campaigns
  • Develop a content strategy for your email marketing
  • Write content and leverage existing content for your email marketing
  • Produce and deploy regular email marketing campaigns

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